BHS Response to Sexual Misconduct in Surgery paper from WPSMS

Many of you will be aware that The Working Party on Sexual Misconduct in Surgery
(WPSMS) have, today, published their findings. These have come in the form of a paper
“Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape by colleagues in the surgical workforce, and
how women and men are living different realities: observational study using NHS
population-derived weights” published in BJS, and a report “Breaking the Silence:
Addressing Sexual Misconduct in Healthcare” available on the WPSMS webpage. This work,
which has been highlighted in the national news today, provides harrowing but necessary
insights into the behaviours that some of our colleagues experience during their careers.

The British Hip Society are dedicated to improving the culture of surgery. We condemn, in
the strongest terms, sexual misconduct in any form. We are proud to support the work of
WPSMS and would like to thank them for this courageous and comprehensive investigation
into such an important subject.

If anyone is upset or affected by the issues raised in this report, a number of useful
resources can be found on the WPSMS webpage If you would like to
talk to us about how we are tackling this at an organisational level, or you have suggestions
for initiatives, please contact our culture and diversity Chair, Joanna Maggs on


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