President’s Update – July 2023

Dear Members,

As summer holidays approach, we’re thrilled to update you on the latest BHS activity. Our recent global webinar, “Current Trends in Arthroplasty for Hip Dysplasia: The Greek Experience,” provided valuable insights into this critical topic. Stay tuned for our upcoming Indian Webinar on July 22nd, as reported by Satish Kutty, our education lead.

We’re excited to announce the third British Hip Society Forum in Glasgow, scheduled for January 16th and 17th, 2024. This event will offer exceptional learning opportunities for our trainees.

To enhance member engagement, we’re proposing the use of an online voting system for matters requiring a majority decision, including substantial changes to the constitution and the selection of candidates for executive posts. This approach will make it more convenient for you to participate in crucial decisions.

Our collaboration with ORUK continues, this time with the MSK grand challenge award. The focus is on improving hip patient care, reducing waiting lists, and facilitating patients’ return to work through innovative clinical strategies and health economic analyses. Learn more about this opportunity with Samantha Hook, Tim Board, and Arash Angadji.

Simon Buckley, our editorial secretary, is seeking volunteers for next year’s scientific meeting in Belfast. Your support is invaluable, so please consider getting involved.

Sarah Eastwood has done a remarkable job coordinating our mentorship project, and Matt Wilson shares insights from the UKPJI annual meeting in Exeter, particularly regarding infection management and the future of these meetings.

In this month’s ‘Meet the Executive,’ get to know our immediate past President, Vikas Khanduja.



Best Wishes,

R M Dominic Meek

BHS President 2023


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