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Abstracts from the meetings are available in the British Volume of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery at

2020  –  Newport – view brochure HERE

2019  –  Nottingham – view brochure HERE

2018  –  Derby – view brochure HERE

2017  –  London – view brochure HERE

2016  –  Norwich – view brochure HERE

2015  –  London – view brochure HERE

2014  –  Exeter – view brochure HERE

2013  –  Bristol – view brochure HERE

2012  –  Manchester – view brochure HERE

2011  –  Torquay – view brochure HERE

2010  –  Sheffield – view brochure HERE

2009  –  Manchester – view brochure HERE

2008  –  Norwich – view brochure HERE

2007  –  Leeds – view brochure HERE

2006  –  Edinburgh – view brochure HERE

In 1999 the annual meeting became a two day event. Three topics which were thought to be important enough to warrant in depth discussion were added to each of the annual scientific meetings.

2020  –  Is day case hip and knee replacement surgery achievable in the NHS?
Non-arthroplasty hip surgery
Every day is a school day
Revision arthroplasty networks

2019  –  High levels of activity post hip surgery: what is acceptable in 2019
15 years National Joint Registry
Hip preservation
Discussion of how GIRFT and best practice tariff should influence fixation and implant choice

2018  –  Complex primary arthroplasty
Evidence in non-arthroplasty hip surgery
Finesse in hip surgery
Hip fracture session

2017  –  Hip preservation surgery
Managing instability after THR
AAHKS guest session – update from across the Atlantic
Taking patient consent in the modern era
The patient pathway

2016  –  Implant development, introduction and valuation: where are we in 2016?
Periprosthetic infection: ongoing challenges
Femoral reconstruction in revision hip surgery
The future of more complex surgery: networks and funding

2015  –  The Infected THR: Changing Paradigms, Acetabular Revision and Reconstruction Surgery, Surgeon Level Outcome Data

2014  –  Prognosis and Treatment of pediatric and adolescent hip disorders throughout the lifetime of the patient, The Changing Nature of Contracts in Our Professional Lives, The UK National Joint Registry and Surgeon level outcome data

2013  –  Proximal Femoral Fracture, Recognised Complication or Negligence?, ‘How to get it out’ – the removal of well-fixed prostheses

2012  –  The Assessment & Management of Pelvic Discontinuity in Revision Hip Surgery, Right Care, The Great Debate

2011  –  Management and Recommendations for Long Term Follow Up, Periprosthetic Fractures,MoM Hip Replacements with Stemmed Components

2010  –  Joint infection, The use of cemented and cementless sockets in hip arthroplasty, and Re-imbursement and Coding

2009  –  Role of Extended Scope Practitioners in Arthroplasty Services, Leg length discrepancy after hip replacement, When to refer patients with hip impingement, NJRegistry Update and Future Plans, Horizon Scanning – Identifying the Hip Technologies of the Future

2008  –  NJR, FIPO, Long Stem in femoral revision, Metal on Metal, Efficiency, Blood in THR

2007  –  Polyethylene Acetabular Components

2006  –  Minimal Incision Surgery, Image Guided Surgery

2005  –  The Charnley Heritage, Provision for Revision, Bone Grafting

2004  –  NJR, Treatment centres, Minimally invasive surgery

2003  –  Allografting, Acetabular osteotomies, Bone cement

2002  –  Hydroxyapatite. Dislocation, Per-trochanteric fractures

2001  –  National joint registry, Ceramics, Bone substitutes

2000  –  DVT Prophylaxis, Surface replacement, “The bearing surface”

Started in 2003, the BHS has encouraged Hip surgeons in training or in their first 5 years of consultant practice to get together on the morning before the main annual meeting starts and have a session concentrating on topics of their own choice including difficult cases.

2020  –  Ben Burston and Chris Gooding

2019  –  Benjamin Bloch and Conal Quah

2018  –  No session

2017  –  Sujith Konan and Jonathan Hutt

2015  –  Jonathan Miles and George Whitwell

2014  –  Matt Wilson and Ben Bolland

2013  –  Jason Webb, Sanchit Mehendale and Richard Baker

2012  –  Henry Wynne-Jones and Andrew Sloan

2011  –  Jonathan Howell and Steve Blake

2010  –  Brian Mockford and Adrian Carroll

2009  –  Tim Board and Mukesh Hemmady

2008  –  Nish Chirodian and Jim Wimhurst

2007  –  Peter Bobak (Leeds) and Richard Grogan (Bradford)

2006  –  Ian Stockley (Glasgow)

2005  –  Anil Gambhir (Wrightington)

2004  –  Simon Buckley (Sheffield)

2003  –  Darrin Wilson (Belfast)

2020  –  Dr Douglas Padgett (USA)

2019  –  Professor Clive Duncan (Canada)

2018  –  Dr Kaled J Saleh (USA)

2017  –  Dr Craig Della Vallle (USA)

2016  –  Dr Javad Parvizi (USA)

2015    Dr. David G. Lewallen (USA)

2014    Prof. Stephen Graves (Australia)

2013    Leif Havelin (Norway)

2012    Prof. Kjeld Soballe (Denmark)

2011    Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle (USA)

2010    Dr. Jean-Pierre Vidalain (France)

2009    Prof. Henrik Malchau (USA)

2008    John Callaghan (USA)

2007    Dan Berry (USA)

2006    Dana Mears (USA)

2005    Al Gross (Canada)

2004    Jim Kudma (USA)

2003    Prof. Siegfried Hofman (Austria)

2002    Roberto Giacommetti Ceroni (Italy)

2001    Prof. Laurent Siddell (France)

2000    Dickey Jones (USA)

1999    Peter Herberts (Sweden)

2020  –  None

2019  –  Henrik Malchau

2018  –  Wayne Paprosky

2017  –  Andrej Trampuz

2016  –  Don Garbuz

2015    Göran Garelick

2014    Joshua Jacobs

2013    Robert Barrack

2012    Reinhold Ganz

2011    Graham Gie

2010    Michael Leunig

2009    Clive Duncan

2008    Derek JW McMinn

2007    David Marsh

2006    P Herberts

2005    Charles A Rockwood

2004    JC Faux

2003    None

2002    Mike Wroblewski

2001    John J Callaghan

2000    Bill Harris

1999    Cecil H Rorabeck

1998  –  Bernard F Morrey

1997  –  Allan E Gross
1996  –  David Dines
1995  –  Henry J Mankin

1994  –  Harlan C Amstutz
1993  –  E Morscher
1992  –  EA Salvati
1991  –  RA Elson
1990  –  Nas S Eftekhar
1989  –  WA Souter
1988  –  MAR Freeman
1987  –  MS Sneath
1986  –  RSM Ling

Under the Auspices of Johan Witt (London) meetings have been convened on the afternoons prior to the main Annual Scientific meeting since 2005. They are intended for members who wish to discuss surgery to the hip other than joint replacement.

2015  –  Non-Arthroplasty Hip session: Periacetabular osteotomy – Getting the correction right

2014  –  Young Adult Hip

2013  –  Femoroacetabular Impingement & Acetabular Dysplasia: Can we agree on diagnosis and treatment?

2012  –  Anatomy of Surgical Approaches for Pelvic and Acetabular Osteotomies: Demonstration and Cadaveric Dissection Session

2011  –  Conservative Hip Surgery Instructional Course

2010  –  Symposium on Acetabular Osteotomies

2009  –  Femoro-acetabular Impingement

2008  –  The Anatomy of Acetabular dysplasia (Norwich)

2007  –  Impingement syndromes (Leeds)

2006  –  (Edinburgh)

2005  –  Pelvic Osteotomies (Sheffield)


2020  –  Paul Magill, Janet Hill, Leeann Bryce, Al Dorman, Rosie Hogg, Christina Campbell, Gary Benson, David Beverland. “Oral tranexamic acid for an additional 24 hours post-operatively versus a single pre-operative intravenous dose at reducing blood loss for total hip arthroplasty – results of a randomised controlled trial”
2019  –  JT Evans, AW Blom, AJ Timperley, MJ Wilson, A Sayers, MR Whitehouse. Are the results of a centre with “Better than expected” hip replacement survival a centre effect or secondary to implant decisions? Findings from the National Joint Registry for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man.
2018  –  G Grammatopoulos. “The acetabular and spino-pelvic morphologies are different in subjects with symptomatic cam morphology”
2017 – 
2016  –  O’Neill CKJ, Molloy D, Patterson C, Beverland DE
2015  –  Geert Meermans.
2014  –  Tsang B, Sadr H, Agrawal Y, Townsend R, Garbuz DS, Kerry RM (Sheffield and Vancouver)
2013  –  Lawton R, Brown C, Wang W, Clift B (Dundee)
2012  –  McBryde C, Pinceton P, Treacy R (Birmingham)
2011  –  Jewell D March
2010  –  Wynn-Jones H
2009  –  Langton DJ, (North Tees). Blood metal ion concentrations post hip resurfacing arthroplasty
2008  –  Gordon A, Kiss-Tooth E, Greenfield E, Eastell R, Wilkinson JM. (Sheffield)
2007  –  Bolland BJ, New AM, Madabhushi SP, Oreffo RO, Dunlop DG (Southampton)
2006  –  Meek RMD, Allan DB, McPhillips G, Howie CR (Edinburgh)
2005  –  Munroe NA, Dowding MR, Meakin JR, Duthie RA, Hutchison JD, Aspden RM, Ashcroft GP, (Aberdeen)
2004  –  Rigby MC, Kenny, Sharp PR, Timperley AJ, Gie AG (Exeter)
2003  –  Buckley S, Hamer A, Kerry R & Stockley I (Sheffield)
2002  –  Kahn A (Manchester)
2001  –  Wilkinson JM et al Sheffield
2000  – Sabokhar A (Oxford)
2020  –  Kistoff Corten et al. Capsular resection versus capsular repair in direct anterior approach for total hip arthroplasty: A prospective randomised control trial
2019  –  D Langton, R Sidaginamale, S Wells, B Wainwright, J Holland, D Deehan, T Joyce, A Jafri, A Nargol, S Natu. Is there a genetic predisposition to ALVAL?
2018  –  A Raza. Diagnosing peri-prosthetic joint infection: An independent single-centre assessment of the alpha-defensin  laboratory test
2016  –  Frew N, Nichol T, Smith TJ, Stockley I
2015  –  Ibrahim Malek et al. Wrexham: Difference between direct anterior and posterior approach total hip replacement: role of enhanced recovery after surgery protocol.
2020  –  Mark Higgins, Jessica Nightingale, Khosrow Sehat
2019  –  P Dasaraju, M Parker. Randomised controlled trial of hemiarthroplasty versus total hip replacement for intracapsular hip fracture.
2018  –  S Jain. The financial impact of treating periprosthetic fractures at a specialist tertiary referral centre

2016  –  Reeve W, McArthur L, Fieraru G, Williams D

2015  –  P.D Nesbitt et. Al. Biomechanical Changes

2014  –  Williams R, Eastwood S, Bisson A, Jones SA. (Cardiff)
2013  –  O’Gbejuade H, Lovering AM, Hidalgo-Arroyo A, Leeming J, Webb JC. (Bristol)
2012  –  Yeo A, Strambi F, Buly J, Hisole J, Field RE (South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre)
2011  –  Malviya A, Ramaskandhan, Lingard E, Holland J (Newcastle)
2010  –  Phillips J
2009  –  Gordon A, Stockley I, Eastell R, Wilkinson JM. (Sheffield)
2008  –  Board T, Rooney P, Kay P. (Wrightington)
2007  –  Ramiah RD. 10 year Life Expectancy after Primary total Hip Replacement.
2006  –  Chattiar K, R.Worth R, David L and Apthorp H. (Conquest Hospital, Hastings)
2005  –  Munroe NA, Finlayson D. (Inverness)
2004  –  Ganapathi M, Evans SL, Roberts P. (Newport)
2002  –  Moran M (Manchester)

2015  –  IC Clarke. Catastrophic MOM wear triggered in a Hip Simulator study by intrusion of metal particles.

2013  –  Siddiqui AI, Sabah SA, Satchithanda K, Lim AK, Cro S, Henckel J, Skinner JA, Hart AJ (RNOH) A comparison of the diagnostic accuracy and acceptability of MARS MRI and ultrasound of the metal-on-metal hip.

2003  –  Wraite A (Manchester)