Tim Board

Wrightington (North West England)
Gender / Preferred pronoun

Male (he/him)



Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship
I am a Consultant Hip Surgeon at Wrightington Hospital which is a tertiary referral centre. I have been a Consultant since 2007 but still see myself as ‘young at heart’. My practice is a balance between arthroplasty (complex primary, revision etc) and non-arthroplasty hip surgery. I did a year in Sydney back in 2000 which was just before getting a training number. I then trained in the North West but took a year out to do an MD. I do a fair bit of research, most of which is collaborations with ‘proper’ scientists! I am one half of a two consultant family – my wife is an Oncologist, we have two kids (24 – Paediatric ICU nurse, 21 – Uni student). I am very keen on work life balance, having recently taken 10 months off as a delayed ‘gap year’. I love travel and seek new experiences. I am keen on outdoor activities such as fell running, skiing, cycling, sailing, kayaking and mountaineering.

I’m pretty easygoing and like to do my best to help trainees get the best out of themselves and their training opportunities.
Grades willing to mentor

Registrar to fellowship years.

Profile statement