RHCC Web Application Launched

Built to be best viewed on mobile devices, The Revision Hip Complexity Classification (RHCC) App is now live.

The app allows users to move through the screens to describe any revision case, before collating the information and displaying on a final report page classifying the case. The user can then get a copy of the report emailed to their email address via the Save Report button. 

The App will provide RHCC scoring for each area described (eg. femur, acetabulum, infection), and Paprosky classification for acetabulum / femur, and Unified classification for Peri-prosthetic fractures. 

We hope the App will be useful to Revision surgeons and Trainees alike and allow evidence of classification for case discussion in networks and locally. 


Travelling Fellowships

We currently have three exciting fellowship opportunities listed HERE UK/US travelling fellowship £2500 travelling fellowship