Phil Mitchell



Gender / Preferred pronoun

Male (he/him)


White Caucasian

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

20 years as a consultant, 3 years as a medical director, 4 years in BHS Professional Affairs committee.

Grades willing to mentor


Profile statement

I have been a consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon for 20 years. From the outset I was lucky enough to receive excellent mentorship and now feel able to return the time given to me. As a medical director I embraced the principle of diversity in teams and understand the challenges we all face in day to day practice. As a member of BOA and Royal College visit panels to Trusts and individuals having difficult times I have seen the problems that teams and individuals can develop. I have an awareness of how these can be avoided or effectively managed. I have experience of working with Consultants at all stages of their career – some hugely successful and some having serious problems and feel that time spent as a BHS mentor would allow me to use my experience for the good of colleagues.