Samantha Hook

Consultant since 2011

South Coast (Portsmouth)

Gender / Preferred pronoun




Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

Middle years consultant, passionate about education and training (TPD for Kent Surrey Sussex HST T&O programme for nearly 6 years). Driven personality, surprisingly strong for my small physique.

Grades willing to mentor

All grades

Profile statement

Consultant since 2011 initially in a relatively small DGH in Chichester before moving to a large very busy DGH just down the road (Portsmouth). My practice is primary and revision hips and knees (mainly hips) and general trauma.

I feel lucky to have never come across any particular challenges in terms of my career progression. My choice to be an Orthopaedic surgeon or a Hip surgeon has ever been questioned and I can honestly say I have not encountered a sexist attitude towards me in my chosen profession. I have only ever worked with supportive and inspiring trainers and now with supportive colleagues. However, I recognise that other female trainees have not been so fortunate and believe that my positive experiences can help guide others.

I have had several female trainees with an interest in hip surgery visit and spend some time with me in theatre. These trainees had been struggling with self-confidence and the belief in their own abilities and needing to see that being a female hip surgeon was possible and fun and rewarding.

I became involved in education early on in my consultant post, initially being appointed as the trust surgical tutor responsible for looking after local trainees and then in 2015 being appointed as one of three training programme directors to the Kent Surrey Sussex T&O programme. This has given me insight and knowledge into the current curriculum and training requirements but also to the challenges of the trainees in the constraints of EWTD and a constantly changing and sometimes compromised training environment.

Outside work I am a fitness fanatic and love running. I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful south downs and so have plenty of trails to explore. I am the Imelda Marcos of trainers!!

I also enjoy mountain and road biking (as long as the sun is shining!) and turbo training in the cold, wet dark winter months.

My garden keeps me busy all year round and supplied with vegetables in the summer months. The chickens supply me with tasty eggs all year round.