Sam Jain

Consultant specialising in hip and knee replacement surgery

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Gender / Preferred pronoun



British Indian

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

I have encountered numerous challenges related to my ethnicity, raising a young family and balancing the demanding (non-medical) career of my wife with my own.

Grades willing to mentor

Medical student / Foundation stage to early training / Registrar training to Fellowship

Profile statement

I am an orthopaedic consultant specialising in hip and knee replacement surgery and have specialist interests in periprosthetic fractures and enhanced recovery. I trained in Yorkshire and work at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. I am married and have two young sons. I have recently started a PhD investigating risk factors for periprosthetic fractures.

I can offer guidance and support in balancing clinical and academic work and managing family challenges related to partner’s work and raising young children. I would be able to support trainees who have challenging home circumstances particularly with any additional needs their children may have or due to working away from home for significant periods of time. I am available by phone or virtually through videoconferencing.