Nick de Roeck


Stevenage – East of England

Gender / Preferred pronoun

Male (He/Him)


White Caucasian

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

I have been a Consultant since 2007 and worked as an AES for most of that period. I have supervised trainees from NW Thames, NE Thames and more recently East of England. In my time I have been asked to supervise struggling trainees and I was Trainer of the Year for NE Thames in 2016.

Although this is not the same as mentoring I think it reflects an ability to understand and support doctors in training and guide them with their problems.

Over the years as a Consultant I have informally mentored several middle grades not in training in terms of their career development.

Since our trust fell under the umbrella of EoE deanery I have been able to participate in formal faculty development which has involved an introduction to mentoring, which raised my interest.

Grades willing to mentor

Any training grade. Early career Consultants.

Profile statement

I have been a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip surgery at East and North Herts NHS Trust since 2007. I have been a BHS member for the same period. I have been an AES and mentored several middle grades throughout this time.

However successful we feel our careers are progressing there are often moments when having someone to listen or give advice can be beneficial.

Sadly I think I could now be described as sufficiently experienced to help and support aspiring hip surgeons whatever the stage of their career and am keen to do so.