Jane Webber


Milton Keynes

Gender / Preferred pronoun

Female (She/Her)


White British

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

Experience of working as a consultant, working though pregnancy, Returning to work after maternity leave, change of career, Training programme director experience. Managing chronic health conditions while working.

Grades willing to mentor

Foundation, Core surgical, Higher Surgical, Fellow, Newly appointed Consultants

Profile statement

I am a consultant Lower limb reconstruction and trauma surgeon of 15 years standing with a specialist interest in hip and revision surgery. I have an interest in Medical education and Training and am currently a Training Programme Director in Orthopaedics and Surgical Tutor. I have first hand experience of career dilemmas and have changed career paths within medicine. I am a working mother and only too well understand the challenges of being a full time mum, full time wife and full time Orthopaedic surgeon!

Happy to provide contact, support and mentorship in person, virtually or by telephone – depending on geography and personal circumstances.