Mike Petrie

Post-CCT Fellow


Gender / Preferred pronoun



White British

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

I have been interested in mentoring for a number of years. My interest was sparked whilst completing my Masters in Medical Education, during which I completed a number of modules and training on mentoring and coaching. I am a mentor on the SuppoRTT scheme, Health Education England – which supports doctors return to training after an absence.

Grades willing to mentor

Happy to mentor any colleagues below consultant grade.

Profile statement

I am a senior clinical fellow in lower limb revision arthroplasty – currently in Coventry followed by the Cavendish Fellowship in Sheffield. My interests are revision arthroplasty and specifically periprosthetic joint infection.

I have previous experience of being a mentor both through my master’s degree in MedEd and through a number of mentor positions. I am a mentor for SuppoRTT, HEE – mentoring junior doctors during their return to training after an absence and for the University of Sheffield Surgical Society – working to inspire the next generation of surgical/orthopaedic trainees.

I believe that having a mentor to help guide oneself through certain aspects of surgical or medical training is greatly beneficial, listening with a non-judgemental ear and helping the mentee to arrive at solutions to their problems or concerns.

I live in Sheffield and love spending my time with my family, enjoying all the city has to offer.