Luthfur Rahman



Gender / Preferred pronoun

Male / Him


British Bangladeshi

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

Recently appointed Consultant.

Previous mentorship experience with medical students and junior trainees.

First and last family member to pursue a career in medicine while growing up in inner city London with the various challenges it produced.

Grades willing to mentor

Medical student / Foundation training to senior registrars and fellows.

Profile statement

I am a newly appointed consultant in London from a family background of non-medics. I have 2 young kids and with that the challenges of two working parents.

I was fortunate enough to have some good mentors throughout my career which has helped me immensely.

I have completed fellowship in North America and took the opportunity to travel around North America with my family and appreciate the importance of work life balance. Uprooting family from work and school also produces its own challenges.

My specialist interest includes lower limb arthroplasty, young adult hip and trauma.

I am available on the phone / video call / in person if restrictions allow.