Hemant Pandit

Professor and Consultant

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Gender / Preferred pronoun

Male (He/Him)


British Indian

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

Experience of working with colleagues from varied backgrounds, training trainees over the past 10+ years including those from different cultural backgrounds, nationalities, at different stages of their career and with different aims and objectives

Grades willing to mentor

Medical student / Foundation stage to early training / Registrar training to fellowship / consultant colleagues

Profile statement

I am an academic orthopod who spends 50% time doing/leading translational research/admin and 50% in clinical work (hip and knee arthroplasty). I am a NIHR senior investigator and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at University of Leeds and University of Oxford. I am also a mentor for Academy of Medical Sciences and NIHR Doctoral College.

I’m happy to mentor through phone calls or zoom or to arrange a meeting in person depending on geography.