Elizabeth Moulder

Consultant Orthopaedics Surgeon


Gender / Preferred pronoun

Female, Miss


British White

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

Female, principled and outspoken, northern and state school educated

Grades willing to mentor


Profile statement

I have valued the meritocracy of medicine and have experienced very little overt sexism from colleagues, and less ignorant prejudice from patients and other professionals as the years and society have advanced on me.

At times I have been made to feel uncomfortable due to my hard vowels, guttural stops and state school education. Sometimes it seems to be easier that I’m also a woman, that I’m not expected to know about rugby or fast cars, and I can see it is more challenging for the men who aren’t interested in being the stereotype.

I have a broad practice which includes arthroplasty, paediatrics, trauma and frames with limb reconstruction / deformity correction.

I have two children (now aged 10 and 13) and a GP husband. I have worked full time throughout, apart from the year I was studying for the exam. It’s tough to have two professionals in a household with young children, whether you are a male or female surgeon.

I am not afraid to be give my opinion and am increasingly confident to call out bad attitudes and behaviour when I hear of it. I’ve written a few articles whilst on my soap box.


At times I have daydreamed about alternative careers, and have had a few other job offers along the way, but I’m now happy as an orthopaedic consultant and can promise it is much better than my experience in training.