Bonita Tsang

Specialist Registrar

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Gender / Preferred pronoun

Female (she/her)


Chinese Canadian

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

Knowledge of the unique hurdles an international medic faces when working in the United Kingdom and the cultural differences experienced by internationals/overcoming “culture shock”. Also familiar with the intricacies of working as a minority female Orthopaedic trainee.

Grades willing to mentor

Medical Students / Foundation Doctors / Core Trainees / Specialist Registrars

Profile statement

I am a Canadian who made the big move to Sheffield for medical school and worked my way up into Orthopaedic specialty training. My experience of mentoring includes helping medical students as the International Representative at the University of Sheffield medical school, where I created a buddy scheme for international medical students. I am also a mentor for the University of Sheffield Surgical Society.

My experience as an international medical student and surgical trainee has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge about the cultural differences international medics encounter in the United Kingdom as well as the unique challenges we face while working in the UK (e.g. work visas/long distance from close family). Despite having resided in the UK for more than 10 years, I am still discovering new and interesting aspects in British culture every day!

I find great joy in sharing my experiences with fellow colleagues and inspiring the next generation of doctors and trainees to become Orthopaedic surgeons. I am happy to mentor any junior colleague via telephone/video calls/or even in person! And yes, I am told I say “eh” a lot and do very much love watching ice hockey!