Andy MacDowell



Gender / Preferred pronoun

Male (He/Him)


White British

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

Consultant for past 17 years at a busy mid-sized DGH. Large volume of primary THR and revision THR. Lots of experience of training middle grade training registrars in hip arthroplasty.

Grades willing to mentor

Registrars / Fellows

Profile statement

I am an ex trainee from East of England programme and completed my training in a Fellowship at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia in 2004. Consultant since then with a practice that is mainly primary and revision THRs in a DGH in Essex. Enjoy training and seeing the development in registrars as they progress with their learning and understanding of hip arthroplasty.

Happy to help with guidance for trainees with respect to all elements of their training such as advice on career progression, tips and tricks with respect to technical procedures, advice on Fellowships , advice on how to overcome specific career related problems etc

My own training was pretty main-stream, having been one of the original run-through Calman trainees qualifying for CCST aged 34. My value as a mentor I would imagine would be my experience of looking after a large number of trainees with various issues over the years and acquiring experience in how to help them overcome these challenges.

I’m happy to mentor through phone calls or zoom or to arrange a meeting in person depending on geography.