Andrew Manktelow



Gender / Preferred pronoun

Male (He/Him)


White British

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

I am (now) an increasingly experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon

I have been committed to my patients and to my work since I qualified and remain hugely enthusiastic about how lucky I am to be an Orthopaedic and Hip surgeon

I am committed to surgeon education at all levels

I run a yearly International Post Grad Hip Revision Course in Nottingham and speak about many aspects of hip surgery and my activities at many regional, national and international meetings

I have mentored my Industry funded fellowship programme for 10 years

I have enjoyed that part of my work and have been excited to see my previous fellows head on to busy orthopaedic activities

I am keen to ensure that any colleague interested in taking orthopaedic care of patients is supported to reach that goal.

I am frustrated by the uniformity of our group as it stands, I am really keen to show that Orthopaedics and Hip surgery is truly a speciality for all

As a family man and as a father of 4 girls, I understand how family will always come first and that there are practical considerations in life that mean that work sometimes needs to be in the background.

I am frustrated that natural events are not more readily accommodated in training and career progression – I am committed to changing that.

I am also clear that other variables should never affect a good colleague from becoming a good orthopaedic surgeon

Away from my clinical work, I have some political activities as a Past President of the BHS and a present member of the BOA Council.

I am also a member of the International Hip Society

Grades willing to mentor

From A level student onwards and upwards…

Profile statement

As above