Joanna Maggs


Devon, England

Gender / Preferred pronoun

Female (she/her)


White British

Particular qualities / experiences relevant for mentorship

Experience of working while pregnant, returning to work after maternity leave, less-than-full-time training, and combining motherhood with orthopaedics.

Grades willing to mentor

Medical student / Foundation stage to early training / Registrar training to fellowship

Profile statement

I am a post CCT fellow pursuing a career in trauma and lower limb arthroplasty surgery. I am also the mother of two young daughters. I am happy to talk through experiences of being a woman in surgery and am particularly keen to support any female trainees who feel that their gender might be a barrier to a career in Orthopaedics: It needn’t be!

I am very happy to discuss all aspects of managing pregnancy at work, including coping with complications, return to training and training less than full time.

I’m happy to mentor through phone calls or zoom or to arrange a meeting in person depending on geography.