International Consensus Meeting on Venous Thromboembolism

The International Consensus Meeting (ICM) convened a group of experts from around the globe to generate venous thromboembolism guidelines or recommendations that address real-world issues. Delegates from 135 international societies, 68 countries, and various specialties, including anesthesia, cardiology, hematology, internal medicine, and orthopaedics, were invited to comb through the literature in a systematic review format […]

Injectable biologics guidance from the BOA

The BOA has recently produced an information document on the use of injectable ‘orthobiologic’ treatments as an option for osteoarthritis and published it on their website HERE  In recent years there has been growing interest in the use of these treatments which has increased due to the disruption to surgical treatments that occurred during the […]

BHS strongly supports BOA response to BMJ article on common elective orthopaedic procedures and their clinical effectiveness

The British Medical Journal recently published research titled ‘Common elective orthopaedic procedures and their clinical effectiveness: umbrella review of level 1 evidence’. The research objective was to determine the clinical effectiveness of common elective orthopaedic procedures compared with no treatment, placebo, or non-operative care and assess the impact on clinical guidelines. Following the publication, the BOA […]

Response to BJJ article on impact of COVID in THR patients

Statement from the BOA, BHS and BASK regarding newly published study about patients awaiting surgery 23 March 2021 A paper published today in the Bone and Joint Journal (1) has highlighted grave concerns about the very poor quality of life experienced by a proportion of patients waiting for hip and knee surgery during the Covid-19 […]

Latest Document on Surgical Prioritisation

In circumstances where resources are limited, such as occurred due to COVID-19 effects on health systems, prioritisation of treatment for different conditions is a difficult, but necessary process . The BHS and experts in the field of hip surgery have undertaken a formal consensus exercise to create a prioritisation document for hip surgery. The BHS […]